Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week Seven

I just finished a couple more pieces made from the reclaimed lattice. Each one is definitely taking on very distinct characteristics. The subtle differences in each batch of disassembled lattice can really change how I decide to work it into a form. I'm intrigued by the geometry and weaving of each and how that shifts the feel or reading of the piece. This last one (below), to me, feels very tribal. When it was on the ground it felt like a marker for a distinct event or site (e.g. burial, sacred).

Later after completing it I hung it on the wall to free up some floor space. I like it with the plain white backdrop, but I think I prefer it sitting on the ground. On the wall it is almost mask-like, the mouth of a large fish comes to mind as well.


A quick test for another piece.

Finished form.

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Nancy said...

Some things never change, eh? ;)
Milo would be proud of your "U.F.O's". I love the blog. It's fun to see what you're up to.