Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week Five

Another week and I have enough lattice to make another piece. The part of this process that I really enjoy is working with the material "as is". I've decided not to cut or measure anything, I simply use them as I find them, breaks and fractures included. I usually organize the various sticks by length then assemble everything by eye. The pieces are stacked and stapled together in the same manner it was originally constructed, but in a very different form than its previous lattice pattern.

I decided this one was best on the wall. I'm finding it hard to decide which side of these objects is more interesting. The interior and exterior are so drastically different on this piece. (See below for the interior view of the piece above)

James (one of the AIR programs employees who is often in and out of the studio) suggests a mirror on the wall behind the piece. I just happen to have a couple in my collection. The result is a glimpse of the contrasting calm interior. There is also an optical illusion of viewing beyond the wall to which it is hung. The subtle glow of light coming between the slats is pleasant.

Looking into the eye of the storm.


Sara's Memoirs said...

these are great pictures of your work. i really loved looking at them and reading about your experience. You are so talented! Thanks for sending the blog info... can't wait to see more. hope to see you soon.

Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

Wow, fabulous! Thanks for documenting and sharing your experience!