Monday, June 23, 2008

Public Tours

Tour groups come to SF Recycling and Disposal (a.k.a. "the dump") on a regular basis and they are usually brought through the studio. Meeting and talking to the public about my art work and what I am making in the studio are a part of the Artist-in-Residence program at the dump.
This is a picture of me showing off my find of the week to a local architecture firm. A lot of old vinyl finds its way into the dump. This one got a few laughs from the group when I pulled out the "bonus" G-string still inside the sleeve of the "Music to Strip By" record. Don't know if I could ever give this one up, but it could possibly be the best gag gift of all time. If I don't use it for anything it could also end up in the free pile at the show opening Sept. 26th, so come early and enjoy the pickin's.

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David said...

Weird Dep't: I have the same album here at home! But when I found mine at the thrift store the record and g-string were long gone.